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Handmade in Lincolnshire
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About Us:
The Chef's Pantry  Journey
From Hertfordshire to Lincolnshire
We are The Chef's Pantry a small family run business specialising in producing some of the finest handmade speciality preserves available today.

We are now situated the heart of Lincolnshire after relocating from Hertfordshire where we have been making and selling our products at craft shows, food shows from Brighton to Glasgow and many many  different events across the width and breadth of the United Kingdom since 1998.

Since our move we have been very busy converting one of our barn buildings into a suite of 5 Star rated kitchens so that we can created our products, to the finest quality and of the highest standards for you to enjoy. All of the products are made in small batches by hand using the finest local produce available to ensure that our products are of the finest quality.
Vegetable in a Basket
Creating preserves the way Nature intended...
Go on be a devil and try some...
The Chef's Pantry
Finest Handmade Specility Preserves Est: 1998
Become a stockist:
We are always looking for business that are interested in stocking our products.
If you would like to stock our products or need more information then
please  contact Us on Tel: 01205 461599 or Mbl: 07508504684
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Handmade in Lincolnshire
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