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Chilli Jellies and Jams
A heat to suit all Chilli lovers tastes from the World's Hottest the Carolina Reaper to the more mild Fiery Thai a heat to suit all.

Chilli Jellies and Jams

Made from various Chillies to suit all tastes
The Chilli was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus in 1492, after discovering them in the West Indies. Spain did not immediately take to Chillies, and they remained largely unknown  in Spanish cuisine.

They did however introduce them to Portugal.  The Portuguese recognised Chillies as having  great commercial potential  and began growing and selling them
From there,

Chillies  rapidly spread around the world to become one of the world's favourite spices . About  a third of the world’s population eat Chillies daily. In some countries, not to eat at least one meal  with Chillies is unheard of.
Chilli Wheel

About our Chilli Jellies and Jams

How hot will you try.....

Our Chili Jams and Jelly are made in small batches using tried and tested recipes. The Chillies are mostly homegrown form our own green houses. We make chilli products with mainly fresh chillies to ensure that the product is the best it can be. Some chilli products have both fresh and dried chillies to enhance the flavour and appearance still further.

Our Chilli jellies cover the entire Scoville scale from the mildest the Fiery Thai Chill sauce to the current world’s hottest the Carolina Reaper. Depending on your tastes or how daring you are we have a heat rating to cover all bases.

Our Chutneys are priced per Jar and supplied in a 125ml glass jar.
Armageddon Chillies
Please Note :  All product pictures are for illustartion purposes, therefore the final product may differ slightly from the pictures shown on our product pages.

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