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Green Tree
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Where to find us:
Shops, Garden Centers and Stores
Where you can find our products ?

Shops, Stores, & Garden Centres
Sandwich Plus
Jam, Marmalade etc
Baytree Garden Centre
Baytree Nurseries Ltd.
High Road, Weston,
PE12 6JU
Jam, Marmalde etc
H Dawson & SonsBostonChutney & Sauces
Many more coming very soon..  
We look forward to seeing you at the above events, contact the event organizer directly for ticket information. See you there...
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Julius Caesar (ROME)
The Chef's Pantry
Handmade Specility Preserves since 1998
Become a stockist:
We are always looking for business that are interested in stocking our products.
If you would like to stock our products or need more information then
please  contact Us on Tel: 01205 461599 or Mbl: 07508504684
Chefs Pantry Tree
Handmade in Lincolnshire
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